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Bike rider, surfer and ex pro snowboarder Jordi has worked in sports tourism for over 20 years. He is a professional shaper of snow / dirt at La Molina & famous for high quality “north shore” features. His trail knowlege is second to none & he knows the fastest trail to the nearest bar. He speaks 4 languages & is the singer guitarist in a Catalan punk rock group…. but still ultra relaxed!


The laid back maestro behind the big 3 U.K. B1KE parks & the most advanced MTB skills system, Rich has 15 years experience in coaching & he writes for IMB magazine. His knowledge & experience speaks for itself! When Richard isn’t with his family he enjoys craft beer, listening to vinyl and snowboarding – he`s a fantastic guy and we`re stoked to have him onboard.

Jake Jackman

B1KE instructor Jake began riding in the Pyrenees – guiding on French rock. A writer, Ux designer & pro guitarist, Jackman is obsessed with the ‘carve’, wall rides & the search for flow. With a natural flair for guiding Jackman blends professionalism, experience & effortless people skills with a focus upon having a good time on the trails.