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Hola, bon dia!
Delicious is a bespoke MTB holidays company in Girona, Spain.

We offer highly personalised, friendly and professional mtb ENDURO riding holidays combining the best trail riding and hospitality in a region famous for its warmth, tourism, landscape, food, and art; sunny Catalunya.

Our recent clients include Enduro MTB superstars Jerome Clementz, Remy Absalon, Damien Oton, Thomas Laperie, and Francois Bailly-Maitre, as well as Kevan, Melanie, Stephen, Robert, Cindy and Frank. ?

Our private accommodation sits in the hills above the Santa Susanna beaches in the heart of the Pineda Rocs annual enduro race trails but that’s only the beginning of an exceptional biking odyssey…

So, join us for an unforgettable biking holiday on some of the best mtb trails in Catalonia, Spain.


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Delicious MTB holidays began in 2014 high-up in the Eastern Pyrenees in France but the magnetic pull of the Spanish dust and the search for the ultimate trail experience lead us south. Several trips into Spain revealed the perfect balance of fluid technical riding and enduro flow trails.

Smoother, faster lines, and more dust plus minimal uplift means more shred, more bike time, more fun and far less time wasted shuttling up.

With so much great riding to choose from we get together over some delicious tapas, wine and beer to create a bespoke riding holiday for you.

There is something for everyone & our riders come from all over the world to ride the trails, from intermediate up to some of the best riders in the world – it’s all here. 🙂

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Just a quick update… having done a week in the Alps riding Les Arcs & Val D’Isere, a short blast at Vallnord in Andorra I finally got to ride with Jake of Delicious MTB Girona in the local foothills. After a week of uplifts this was intended as back to leg power to experience some of the amazing local trails with just me & Jake to show me the way…

Over 1000m of climbing in 30c helped burn the lunchtime beer & tapas. Amazing trails, natural features, flow, jumps, steeps, rocks, boulders, sand, and trees, lots and lots of trees (that don’t move ?) it has it all… a bit like Surrey Hills on steroids and trails to suit all levels.

Having spent the day with Jake I can highly endorse him, an amazing, friendly, knowledgable, Professional guy, fellow B1KE instructor and tailored everything to my request not his.

I can’t say how highly I recommend you give this serious consideration as an alternative destination for European adventure.. uplift, leg power, you name it they can do it and amazing people to boot… I wish I had more than a day here!! Thanks Jake ?? 6 stars for Jackman ?

Gary from Surrey Hills Bikes

Yesterday was an A-MA-ZING day riding with Jackman from Delicious MTB Holidays Girona Spain.

Such an abundance of trails near Girona. My Canyon Torque excelled all the way down.

Trails, jumps, heat, sweat (a lot of sweat), many laughs, views, rocks and dust. What a ride!

Mark from

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Delicious Bike Hotel

For Small Groups

For small groups seeking the ultimate bespoke riding holiday our private independent accommodation in the quiet, wooded hills above the Santa Susanna beaches holds big vistas out to the coastline yet is only 10 minutes from the vibrant towns and sandy beaches of the Costa Brava. We are centrally located between all the hot trail zones & the Spanish Pineda Rocs national enduro race trails start above the house.

Thoroughly modern and finished to a high quality the house has everything you need to relax after a day in the dust; fully equipped kitchen, lounge, diner, two bathrooms, two showers, two double bedrooms and one single bedroom plus the usual conveniences – WIFI, satellite tv, DVD, air conditioning, dishwasher, washing machines…

The sunny, green garden features a new swimming pool, chill-out cabana, balconies, terraces, barbecues, and a huge garage.

For Larger Groups

For larger groups we use two large additional 7-8 bedroom converted stone farmhouses out in the country at Sugar Mountain.

Whatever the size we keep everything ultra-personalised, laid back and low key, and focus upon riding the best trails and enjoying the best bars & restaurants.

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10 massifs and four bike parks means more than a lifetime of superb quality trail riding with trails starting at the door and extending all the way north to France, and South to Barcelona 🙂 Here are a few of the hot zones for killer enduro riding…

High above Dali country with easy uplift / climbs these wild, all natural trails descend from ancient castles & megaliths with huge views and culminate with the mind blowing “SABRE” trail which finishes at a bar in the sleepy village below. Kevan from Kamloops BC in Canada rode the Sabre trail all day – it was ”One of the best trails I have ever ridden.”

Easy uplift / climbs to the Angels bar at the top & superb ground conditions make for fast, fluid trails. Rock in the east & high speed single track through dense, sandy pines in the west make this a day to remember finishing in the gastronomic heart of Girona`s Game of Thrones Old Town.

A natural ‘bike park’ and a magnet for enduro riders offering a combination of natural trails with built features including rock-rides, berms, jumps, step downs and more. There are 21 trails offering a perfect balance between flow, rock and dust as well as some seriously technical descents. An enduro rider’s dream – every rider says it just can`t get any better.

Stunning multi-storey rock formations, neolithic dolmens and big views give these coastal descents a truly wild atmosphere. After hitting the Rocket Line we finish on one of the beautiful beaches of ”Millionaire’s Row” for ice cold beer and tapas.

La Sorrera (the Sandpit) offers some great enduro stye riding and an uplift service. La Poma (the Apple) has new slopestyle features such as wall rides and elevated kickers and improved jump lines – core features: pump tracks, parallel slalom, concrete skatepark, slopestyle, foam pit & extensive dirt jumping.

Mountain biking holiday girona spain team

The Delicious team are chosen as much for their personality and character as their ability. You’re here to ride the best trails and have a great time – so are we 🙂 With many years of experience in hospitality, tourism, coaching and sport, you’ll feel instantly “at home” in their company, and riding with us is ALWAYS  a blast.

We’re very lucky to have such fantastic and talented people on board…so you’ll be riding as part of a great team

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Bike rider, surfer and ex pro snowboarder Jordi has worked in sports tourism for over 20 years. He is a professional shaper of snow / dirt at La Molina & famous for high quality “north shore” features. His trail knowlege is second to none & he knows the fastest trail to the nearest bar. He speaks 4 languages & is the singer guitarist in a Catalan punk rock group…. but still ultra relaxed!


The laid back maestro behind the big 3 U.K. B1KE parks & the most advanced MTB skills system, Rich has 15 years experience in coaching & he writes for IMB magazine. His knowledge & experience speaks for itself! When Richard isn’t with his family he enjoys craft beer, listening to vinyl and snowboarding – he`s a fantastic guy and we`re stoked to have him onboard.

Jake Jackman

B1KE instructor Jake began riding in the Pyrenees – guiding on French rock. A writer, Ux designer & pro guitarist, Jackman is obsessed with the ‘carve’, wall rides & the search for flow. With a natural flair for guiding Jackman blends professionalism, experience & effortless people skills with a focus upon having a good time on the trails.

Damien Oton the Catalan Eagle

When he isn’t training or competing, 2 times E.W.S vice champion Damien (Devinci bikes) is available by special arrangement for advice & coaching. Inspirational, unbelievably fast plus a very natural & fluid rider, Damien is on another level entirely but he seemingly doesn`t know it. Unassuming & so friendly, Damien loves to ride with everyone. He also plays the guitar and loves to entertain his baby daughter.


Get in touch, anytime 🙂 messaging on Facebook is probably fastest or email us

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Address: Blanes, Girona.

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